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プレゼントのような包みで届いたのは大好きな“ミモレット”  熟成18か月で目にも鮮やかなオレンジ色!







We ordered an assortment of cheese specialty stores.

We received my favorite "Mimolette". It was a gift-like wrap. 18 months of aging, bright orange to the eyes! We are happy because it is firm and firm, and the original taste, richness, and umami of milk are condensed! !!

The white mold cheese called "Bree" is soft and very creamy. It's like milk and it's good to accompany tea or coffee. It is understandable that the thick texture in the mouth is loved all over the world!

"Conte" has a slight habit, and although I felt bitterness at first, it also has a deep richness and a nutty scent. The more addictive the cheese is, the more popular cheese in France!

"White truffle cashew" is the finest cashew nuts covered with white truffle oil! It was the best nut that I wanted to eat with high-grade salt all to myself with exquisite salt adjustment ♡


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